What is Facebook remarketing and how does it work?


What is Facebook Remarketing?


facebook remarketing

Facebook remarketing allows you to run targeted advertising through Facebook to anyone who has visited your website. A piece of code added to your website can place a “cookie” in the browser of a user that has visited your website. This cookie anonymously identifies the user as having visited your website and enables the retargeting of specific marketing to that user.

Previously Google has provided search and display network remarketing, with display remarketing being the more used option. Retargeting and remarketing are considered interchangeable terms by most, while others believe remarketing is email based and retargeting is search and display. Whichever way you lean, remarketing/retargeting is all about continuing to stay in the minds of potential buyers after they have left your website. Imagine if a lady walked in to your clothing store, tried a pair of jeans on and then left without buying. If you could send out a salesperson to follow the lady and remind her of the jeans she liked, and maybe even offer special discounts to buy now. This is a digital version of that tenacious salesperson and it can have incredible results.

Facebook introduced Custom Audiences which is their version of Google’s AdWord remarketing. Facebook remarketing can create extremely specific audience segments through the use of age, gender and relationship status filters. Marketers are able to continue their conversation with users of high buying intent and this leads to high conversion rates and ROI for advertisers. Additionally, the cost per impression for adverts on Facebook can be considerably lower, up to 60%, than other display remarketing throughout the web.

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