What is link popularity and why is it important?

Link Popularity is a measurement of all the links coming into your website (or backlinks), as well as the determination of the quality of all those links.

In effect, the search engines are ascertaining that if your website is good, other websites should link to it. If no other sites link to your website, this is an indication that your site has little relevance. The greater the number of links pointing to your website, the higher the validation of the popularity, authority and relevance of your website.

Search Engines and the Internet – How does roi.com.au improve rankings with SEO ? 

A very handy way of thinking about link popularity is comparing it to the traditional citation of journal articles in academic peer reviewed publications. The greater the number of citations that your article receives, the more authoritative it is perceived to be on a particular topic by the experts in the field. Liken this to your website, the greater the number of relevant, high quality links to your website, the more authoritative the search engines perceive your website to be, thus increasing your website’s positioning in the search engine rankings.

Google and the other search engines are interested in providing the most relevant and topical information for search queries at the top of the SERPs because this increases the chances of the searcher finding what they are looking for and thus amplifies the perception that the particular search engine provides relevant and applicable websites for search queries.

All search engines factor link popularity into their algorithms, however it is calculated differently. As a general rule Yahoo is more interested in the total number of links pointing to your website, while Google focuses on the quality of those links.

Link building is a specialised and resource intensive task which requires knowledge of the link building process, how to build links to your website and critically, how and where to find high quality links.

A successful link building strategy incorporates among others:  directory submissions, both general and niche, internal blogging links, linking to business partners or local businesses, social bookmarking sites where you can get good backlinks and writing good articles and press releases that can get your website some high quality links.

A link building strategy encompasses all the available mediums online, from social networking sites to the traditional directory. Link building is not only about requesting links but it is about developing a strong brand and websites to which the key online communities want to link to.


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