What Is LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a free online professional network used by more than 300 million professionals worldwide

LinkedIn is a business-minded social networking site with more than 300 million registered users in 200-plus countries. The site boasts users in nearly every field of business, with the top five areas reportedly information technology and services, hospital and health care, construction, education management, accounting.

The main use of LinkedIn is for professional networking. The purpose of LinkedIn is to facilitate the online exchange of ideas, information and opportunities in a commercial environment.

Like the majority of social media sites, LinkedIn is free to register and the network provides an excellent forum for interaction with other professionals on a local, national and international level. Keeping in touch in the digital age is more than just swapping business cards or mobile phone numbers, it’s important to be able to profile a professional or an organisation before committing to a business relationship and LinkedIn allows this to happen.

LinkedIn allows registered businesses to create a company page with a detailed profile featuring company specialities and industry information. Companies can list their range of products and services on their profile page and also allows members to recommend and submit written reviews of these products. It provides businesses in Australia and worldwide with a better opportunity to gain exposure for their products and services and allows business owners to distinguish their brand from competitors by getting regular, positive feedback from professionals.

As a social networking tool, LinkedIn has its limitations, mainly because it’s not as far reaching as Facebook but for businesses engaged in consultancy and other forms of business-to-business (B2B) trading, it provides a platform for easy networking and allows businesses to seek out genuine professionals from industries where they require products or services. Contact us for help assessing your social media presence.



Will LinkedIn Help My SEO Campaign

From a SEO perspective, LinkedIn provides Australian companies with another link to their website and business and potentially offers more website traffic from qualified, industry professionals if you are proactive about connecting with other businesses.

Getting exposure to people who may be in need of your product or service (or people who are willing to recommend your brand) will help your website’s performance so from a SEO point of view, registering on LinkedIn is a good idea.

There are numerous other benefits to using LinkedIn too, like reconnecting with school or university friends and former business colleagues who may now be working in a related industry elsewhere and may be in a position to impart some quality advice.



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