What is the difference between Adwords and Adwords Express?



What is the difference between Adwords and Adwords Express?


Adwords: Google’s full PPC (pay-per-click) platform that allows users complete control over their account, campaigns, Ad groups, Ads and keywords.


Adwords Express: A quick and easy, simplified and automated version of Adwords that allows users to create and run campaigns within minutes with no prior experience of Adwords. This is primarily created for someone who runs a small business that has no experience with Adwords and wants Google Ads up and running fast.


The truth is, even though Adwords Express is easy to start up and run with no experience there are heavy drawbacks. You have no access or control over the keywords

or negative keywords ​used minimal tracking and reporting, and all keywords are broad matched ​;​in most cases will drive irrelevant and non-buying traffic to your websites – which will waste a lot of money. If you are to use it, which isn’t recommended, treat it as a very short term testing platform to see if you would further invest time and money into Adwords. Google Express is not a long term solution unless you want to waste a lot of money.


The solution is to  invest the time in​ learning Adwords,or hire a digital agency, such as ROI.com.au, that have a track record of successfully running results-based Adwords campaigns​.




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