What is the Future of SEO?

<p>The speed with which the Internet evolves and the level of consumer driven evolution is a challenge for many businesses that work tirelessly to continue meeting consumer expectations online.</p><p>A business&rsquo; credibility is very closely linked to how well consumer expectations are met, particularly in competitive online industries such as accommodation, retailing and finance where the early adopters will have certain standards to which businesses need to adhere to maintain customer loyalty.</p><p>These consumer expectations with the evolving search engines also serve to change the face of search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO). Gone are the days that SEO was as simple as optimising a few meta-tag titles or driving millions of hits to a website. </p><p><strong>Key Drivers Changing SEO</strong></p><p><strong>#1.</strong> Local Search &ndash; in the last couple of years Google has propelled this notion of local search, taking your traditional Yellow Pages directory and putting it on the search engine. It is now becoming increasingly common for people to search for florists in their local suburb or hunting for the perfect Italian restaurant in the city. Local search has opened up businesses to a much wider market than the traditional &ldquo;locals&rdquo;.&nbsp; No SEO strategy is complete without incorporating local SEO.&nbsp; </p><p><strong>#2.</strong> Social Media &ndash; even though social media does not strictly fall into the category of SEO, blogs have long been heralded as a key driver of traffic, inbound links and long-tail SEO, vital to expanding the SEO strategy.&nbsp; &ldquo;Link baiting&rdquo; the practice of driving links to a blog through a range of practices has similarities to traditional link building.</p><p>Social media and the very essence of community that drives social media is becoming entangled into the online sphere. Its monetisation capabilities have not been wholly proven as the hype starts to settle and rather than &lsquo;twittering about&rsquo; businesses get down to business. The effect of social media on SEO, will no doubt, be profound.</p><p><strong>#3.</strong> Universal Search &ndash; seeing images, videos and news results in the SERPs has become common practice and most people are now accustomed to the greater diversity of search results. However, there are no doubt a large number of businesses that have not yet embraced this element of search into their SEO strategies. The fact is, if someone is looking for antique furniture and find the image that leads them to the website of the business where they will make their purchase, this is pure monetisation and just another element of raw SEO. </p><p><strong>#4.</strong> Mobile Search &ndash; With Blackberries and iPhones taking the world by storm, mobile Internet is becoming a daily activity for many, with Asia and the U.S. leading the way. SEO has moved beyond the computer screen. Is your website mobile friendly? Where does your site appear on the mobile Internet search results?</p></div>

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