What is Tumblr?

An introduction to tumblelogging for Australian businesses

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform used by millions of bloggers worldwide to share things including photos, quotes, music and video with others. At present there are approximately 21 million Tumblr blogs (known as Tumblelogs) globally, which is significantly smaller than the penetration of other social networking sites such as Facebook but still worthy of note, especially for businesses with something original to say on a regular basis. The ‘ease-of-use’ factor and the fact that it’s free to use certainly lend a great deal to the growing popularity of Tumblr as a blogging platform.

According to Tumblr’s statistics, the average user creates 14 original blog posts per month and reblogs a further three posts. Photos are shared more than anything else with music, video, quotes and links amongst the most popular things shared by other Tumblr users. The reblogging element of Tumblr is essentially the word-of-mouth factor which can help businesses to extend the reach of their brand to different demographics.

Tumblr is SEO friendly

To support the ‘ease-of-use’ factor, Tumblr is set up to ensure that blogs are easily crawled by search engines such as Google through the XML sitemaps and URL slugs (eg www.mysite.com/blog/this-is-the-slug) facilitate better rankings (when correctly optimised) for the relevant page.

Themes and blog colours in Tumblr can be completely customised to differentiate your blog and posts can be easily uploaded through phones, internet browsers or via e-mail, directly to your Tumblr account. Tumblelog posts can also be scheduled to publish in the future so if there’s any reason why you would not be able to publish at a desired date, you can set it up to publish in advance, while there is also the option to invite other contributors to post on your blog.

As well as offering a range of customisable themes, Tumblr is entirely free to use regardless of storage and bandwidth, although there are premium themes which may be purchased. There are also a large number of Third-Party Apps, for mobile and web, designed to enhance the functionality of Tumblr.

Blogs on Tumblr can also be kept private or published in public and unlike other social media sites, the blogger is the owner of all copyright associated with original material they publish.

Tumblelog’s can be hosted on separate URL’s which is done through purchasing an external domain and a Tumblr account can easily be used in conjunction with YouTube, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter and Google Analytics.

How can Tumblr help my business?

Besides the SEO advantages, Tumblr is a great way of extending the reach of your brand. Regularly blogging about your industry is an excellent way of generating interest and awareness of your brand amongst your target audience. If what you are blogging about is useful to readers, they will trust you as an industry authority – which means they are more likely to buy from you and more likely to recommend you to others within their social circles, both on and offline.

Tumblr is just one of a vast number of social platforms which can help spread awareness of your brand and increase the size of your target market and ultimately result in more sales. Whether you opt for blogging or another element of social media optimisation such as Facebook Optimisation, increasing awareness of your brand on the web and the mobile internet is crucial to sustaining business growth.

Social media is now a fundamental element of any successful online marketing strategy and its importance is only destined to grow in the future – so now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

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