What’s happening in Google Trends?

Get Global Online Insights with Google Trends

Google’s goal of delivering the best search experience for internet searchers has seen them develop several functional tools for webmasters and businesses who build an online presence.

Generally speaking marketers use the range of Google platforms to examine trends and exploit new opportunities on a local, national and international basis. With Google Analytics, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Trends at their disposal, internet marketers are well-armed with functional tools which help business make smarter business decisions and in turn facilitate success online.

Google Analytics, Google Trends and the Keyword Tool allow marketers to make informed decisions by allowing them to analyse how different web marketing efforts are performing. Google Trends has become something of a forgotten tool for many web marketers but it’s still useful for exploiting new opportunities online.

What can I learn From Google Trends Data?

Google Trends specifically tracks trends in the number of unique visitors that a website has receives over a specified period of time, and then charts its results.

This allows webmasters and internet marketers to measure:

  • -search volumes of specific key-words / key-phrases
  • -search traffic from different regions/countries
  • -search traffic over different time periods
  • -search traffic comparisons between different key-phrases (separated by commas)
  • -traffic comparisons of up to 5 sites at any given moment using charts & bar graphs

With these tools you can use Google Trends to easily build an online trend analysis that helps your business capitalise on emerging market trends in Australia and overseas.

For the benefit of PR professionals Google Trends also shows how frequently Google News carried stories with the topics related to a particular product or service issue and from which geographic region people searched for that news topic or key phrase.

This enables marketers to track people’s interest in different markets, brands, or any other concept over a long period of time. It may also help identify which areas require more or an advertising or PR initiative due to negative publicity or greater competition.

Find Hot Trends in Different Geographical Locations With Google Trends

Google Trends also allows web-owners to see how popular different sites (‘Hot Trends’) are in different countries and regions; along with the search terms people used to reach them. This gives marketers a snapshot of what is on public’s mind by looking at the fastest-rising searches at different points of time. Google Trends updates its ‘Hot Trends’ statistics on continuous basis.

Marketers in Australia often need to know the difference in the volume of traffic on a keyword basis, plus the differences in keyword traffic across different geographical regions or countries. A good example of significant differences in traffic volumes for key phrases between countries is “search engine optimisation” which is very popular in the UK , New Zealand and South Africa, whilst the United States and India prefer the search terms SEO and “search engine optimization” with the Americanised ‘ization’ spelling. Such subtle differences can expose valuable opportunities for businesses competing internationally, and even on a national basis, terminology can vary from state to state.

Google Trends data provides a valuable insight into popularity of major websites

Google Trends also allow users to examine traffic data trends for certain websites, which can act as effective proof of the growth in popularity of websites such as social media giant Facebook. This means you can track the traffic patterns of your favourite websites or your competiors.

The Google Trends interface enables you to see the geographic regions which are providing the traffic, plus a valuable list of other websites people are visiting, other than yours – very useful information indeed.

Google Trends for websites is still early days so you need to be patient as many searchers in Australia display insufficient data. However, there is no doubt if you are a strategic marketer keyword search trends can be a great way of predicting the next big thing – use Google Trends here at http://www.google.com/trends.

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