When should you implement an SEO program?

The most common mistake we see by Australian businesses when it comes to SEO is the fact most organisations only think about search engine optimization once their website has been finished. This is the wrong way to go about your SEO strategy.

If you are re-designing your website the first thing you need to do is analyse the amount and type of traffic that you generate and making sure your new design preserves this traffic and your search engine rankings do not go backwards. Many businesses focus on their new design and ignore all of the previous web pages that had positive rankings in Google, and then when the new site goes live, the old pages are lost, rankings are lost and your traffic goes backwards – Not good, so avoid this one.

The next key item you need to do is define the market segments that your business wants to communicate with.  Generate a list of the high traffic and popular keywords that relate to your market segments and then design your content and SEO strategy around these words. If you approach your SEO this way, your content and site design will already be aligned to how people search, so your only challenge is to get to number 1 – Follow the 2 rules above and your business will prosper.

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