Where has all my keyword data gone? (Not Provided)

Changes to Google Analytics – (Not Provided)

Recent updates to the way Google provides data will be changing and because of this roi.com.au will be changing the way it presents its data in your monthly reports.

Over the past weeks, Google have accelerated the percentage of keyword data that is displayed as “not provided” in Google Analytics. Shortly, we anticipate that 100% of keyword data may be hidden completely. This is in line with the drive behind Google’s latest update, Hummingbird, moving toward the meaning of searches not just the keywords at face value.

 Keyword Data (Not Provided)

What does this mean for you?

–          The days of talking about keywords are gone.

–          The combined effect of the Hummingbird algorithm and ‘not provided’ data will see a huge shift away from the keyword based style of reporting.

Without the ability to see the true value of a keyword ranking (i.e. how this translates to a growth in qualified traffic which can present an opportunity for a sale), you could be chasing after the wrong thing, or on a completely different playing field.

–          Your website could potentially already be receiving visits from 1000’s of keywords. Do you know which visitors are actually connecting with what you have to offer?

We are excited by these changes, as it reinforces that the goal of any search marketing campaign should be to achieve a positive Return on Investment.

So how are roi.com.au adapting?

roi.com.au is pleased to be offering our clients the smartest and best SEO reporting and services in this new digital marketing landscape. The reason we have been able to adapt so quickly is our in-house R&D team have developed our own unique ranking and reporting technology that can stay on top of changing SEO trends, not relying on third-party programs to catch up.

1. Localised Ranking Reports

Google provides organic search results based on the location of your search. For example, you will receive different results if you search for “removalists” in Melbourne, when compared to Sydney. These changes are helping to better connect users of Google to local businesses.

 Keyword Data (Not Provided)

roi.com.au have met this change by implementing new reporting technology with the capability of generating specific ranking results from the eight capital cities across Australia. This will be offer the most accurate reports to all our clients, wherever they are in Australia.

2. Traffic Reporting

We have always advocated that the best way to evaluate your SEO campaign is to measure the amount of traffic being delivered to your most important pages. After all, your range of targeted keywords have been selected for any given page to attract relevant traffic.

 Keyword Data (Not Provided)

Rankings by themselves do nothing. It is possible your website will rank for keywords which do not deliver much traffic at all.

Therefore, we will be generating new reports which also show you;

–          Overall traffic performance

–          Overall search engine traffic performance

–          Month-on-month improvement of traffic to your most important web pages

3. Keyword Traffic Estimation

As a result of technology developed by roi.com.au, we are able to report on the indicative value of your keyword rankings in the context of the market share you currently own, and the potential still available to capture.

By using integrating keyword ranking technology with research and reporting by Google, we are still able to provide you with an estimate of traffic which you are receiving from certain keywords via Google.

 Keyword Data (Not Provided)

This totally unique reporting is only available from roi.com.au, and will give our clients the edge over their competitors when identifying new growth opportunities.

roi.com.au works hard to ensure it is always on the cutting edge of developments in the search marketing world. If you feel that your campaign is in any way under threat from the recent changes, or want to find out more about ‘not provided’ data, call us directly on 1300 650 274.

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