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At, we stake our reputation on delivering real results for our customers.

Our philosophy is driven by making the most important metric our main focus – sales for your business.

We bring an understanding of digital marketing that is unrivalled in our industry, and we realise that the most valuable information we can share is right under our noses but out of reach for most business owners.

With this at the front of our minds, has developed an exciting new SEO tool that makes key information easily available to business owners and brings a unique perspective to their marketing plans.

Using Google keyword competitiveness scores, organic click through rates and search volumes – in conjunction with our proprietary software and algorithms we’ve created the Market Snapshot tool. This tool:

• Gives an instant view of click traffic in your market

• Lists the top 10 players in your target market

• Delivers a snapshot of which competitors are moving into your market

• Reveals the current market share of your website

• Finds 3rd party websites you could advertise on

• Highlights potential businesses that could refer business to you

. . . And potentially much more! SEO market gears

Our Approach

Chief Technical Officer at, Sean O’Neill, said Market Snapshot was built with business owners in mind.

“It’s all good and well giving data, but there has to be an end game and information about what the next step is to turn that data into something that is useful. What we can do now is analyse the results that anyone can produce and provide a detailed action plan for them to implement,” he said “The data shows the opportunity. Some have the expertise to leverage that for themselves.”

As part of our education process, will highlight an industry sector every week, report the results and provide insight into how they can be used to create new marketing opportunities, identify emerging markets and highlight the best performing businesses in specific business sectors.

With the Australia Day long weekend in mind, this week we looked at the accommodation industry and the results might surprise you. Read more . . .

We encourage our readers to test drive Market Snapshot for themselves to find out whether their search engine marketing strategies are delivering the results they expect and learn what new opportunities may be available. Alternatively, you can register for a free market snapshot compiled by one of our resident experts.

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