Why add Google Analytics to your website?

Google Analytics is a FREE website analysis tool

If you have a website, chances are you are at least familiar with the term Google Analytics. Your website should have it installed. If not, you’re missing out on the most valuable tool available to business owners – and it’s FREE!

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool which, upon adding to a site’s code, gives users a valuable and detailed insight into the ongoing performance of their website.
Owning a website without Google Analytics is like purchasing a rough diamond – it might be worthless or it might be worth far more than you think if only you could process it from its current state into a brilliant, sparkling gem.

Much like the cutting process employed by diamond manufacturers, Google Analytics presents website owners with all they need to convert their website from something quite dull and basic into a real asset capable of maximising the return on investment in the shortest time frame possible.

Diamond cutters invest considerable time and resources analysing and planning the cutting process with the specific objectives of maximising the return and getting the finished gem to the market as quickly as possible.

Use Analytics Data To Improve your website’s performance

If you add Google Analytics tracking code added to your site, you too have the power to analyse and manipulate your site until it becomes a valuable asset. Google Analytics data, even at the most basic level, allows you to see what pages of your site are visited; what keywords prompted the visit; how long the visit lasts in terms of time and pages viewed; what keywords are misleading visitors and which keywords you should and shouldn’t be targeting.

At its most basic Google Analytics provides a valuable insight into how your website traffic and marketing strategy is performing. It will tell you where your product or service is strong geographically and historical analysis will give you a deep understanding of your busiest periods, allowing you to tailor other marketing efforts accordingly. Benchmarking enables you to see how you are fairing across various metrics in comparison to your own industry’s standards.

Analysis can delve much deeper too – create funnels to determine where the holes are in your site; conversion goals to give you a greater idea of what is working and what is not while tracking E-Commerce, flash, video and entire campaigns allows you to focus your business efforts on what works – eliminating wasted man hours, marketing spend and needless effort.

The basics are a great starting point to analysing your site with a view to improving it – analysing for the sake of analysing is like picking up a stone in your back yard and telling everyone it is a diamond. Google Analytics data needs to be acted upon to have real relevance and tangible results.

It may sound daunting – most companies nowadays dedicate one or more staff members specifically to managing Google Analytics, so it’s reasonable to find it a little overwhelming! How much does a new employee cost your business? Salary, plus superannuation, plus holidays, sick days, training and set-up costs? Daunting indeed but if the end result presents you with a polished gem of a website, worth wearing like a badge of honour for your business then the return justifies the investment. Or you could keep wearing the existing stone weight around your neck.

Secure a better return on your online investment

Of course, like countless diamonds the end result may initially have its flaws but the dynamic nature of the web and Google Analytics dictates that the end product isn’t necessarily the flawed diamond – the various processes available within the Google Analytics tool can be reapplied endlessly, allowing you to refine, redefine and perfect your website until it performs exactly how you want it, generating a sustainable, positive return on investment for years to come.

roi.com.au are no diamond cutters but we do know how Google Analytics works. We can help you add Analytics to your site and analyse and manipulate the data to improve your site’s performance until it’s a polished gem generating a constant stream of revenue for your business. We have helped hundreds of Australian businesses to transform their websites from diamonds-in-the-rough into flourishing gems and genuine business assets – contact us today and fine out how we can put your business first today.

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