Why Bing is Better – Bing Webmaster Tools v Google Webmaster Tools

bing webmaster tools - logoBing’s new version of Webmaster Tools has been in operation for just over a week now, and the reception has been amazing. In the past Bing has had its fair share of critics when it came to Webmaster Tools functions, with its competitor Google enjoying the lion share of user’s attention.

Bing’s latest update is set to change that.

In his Whiteboard Friday chat with SEOmoz, Bing Webmaster Tools expert Duane Forrestor outlined that the tool had been developed with the assistance of top SEOs. The evidence of this is in the fantastic features Bing Webmaster Tools now exhibits – the best of which we are going to run through in this article.

In-depth Page Traffic data allows you to see what keywords work best on certain URLs

Under the Reports & Data tab you’ll find a whole bunch of goodies, the first of which is Page Traffic. This little gem provides you with information on all your website’s pages that have featured in Bing search results, detailing:

    • How many clicks they received
    • How many times they appeared
    • Their CTR
    • Their average click position (the average position the URL was in when it received clicks)

Average appearance position (the average position the URL actually appeared in search results in general)

bing webmaster tools - page traffic

Click view under the Search Keywords metric and you’ll be able to see the keywords that appeared in Bing search for that particular URL. You’ll also receive information on how each keyword performed in each position it has ranked in.

You may find out that your search result got a higher CTR when it was at position 5 than it did at position 3.

bing webmaster tools - page search keywords

Search Keywords – featuring no sight of (not provided)

The Search Keywords section shows your top organic keywords using the same metrics as the lost above. The best news is that there are no annoying Google (not provided) keywords popping up everywhere! That means no more having search engines hide their information from us as we try to improve our websites!

Another great aspect of the Search Keywords section is that you can hover over certain keywords and see how much they cost to bid on in the Bing AdCenter. You can even click straight through and buy that keyword, giving you a connection between your SEO and PPC campaigns.

bing webmaster tools - search keywords

As with the Page Traffic section, you can click through to see what pages each keyword serves along with how it performed when ranking in different positions in the SERP.

SEO Reports – making optimisation easy!

This one is our personal favourite. The SEO Reports section literally lists any aspect that Bing has identified to be wrong with your website, along with the severity of the problem and how many times it has occurred across the site.

From missing title tags to duplicate h1’s, this feature will save webmasters and SEOs hours of time trawling through their website to double check for errors. Its only downfall is that you are relying on Bing’s crawlers to scan every page of your website, which may not always happen.

bing webmaster tools - seo reports

If you think it couldn’t get better, it does. Click on any error shown in the SEO Reports and you’ll be transported to the SEO Analyzer section, which not only outlines where on your page the error occurs, it also highlights the error in your page source code, allowing you to easily identify and remove the problem.

bing webmaster tools - seo analyzer

Keyword Research function using Organic data – not PPC

This handy little feature (I realise this term is being overused) provides you with information generated directly from Bing’s organic results, meaning no more having to try and correlate PPC data (as Google’s keyword research tool uses) over to your SEO campaign.

Bing Webmaster Tools even shows exact figures, with no rounding in sight. Country specific numbers are also available to ensure you are tailoring your campaign to audiences in any given region. Trendlines are also available, showing you what’s hot and what’s not.

bing webmaster tools - keyword research

More features, more information, more flexibility ensures Bing is #1

Bing Webmaster Tools also includes a comprehensive Link Explorer, ‘Fetch as Bingbot’ functions and more, providing businesses with a multitude of tools to utilise in their campaign.

In our books, Bing Webmaster Tools is currently setting the standard, surpassing its rival Google with functionality that gives wider scope and more detailed information for any SEO services ensuring websites can operate to the best of their abilities.

*Screenshots taken from SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday video found here: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/phoenix-rising-bings-new-webmaster-tools-whiteboard-friday

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