Why can’t I have navigation links on landing pages?

The point of a landing page is to convert visitors into potential clients. Having navigation links on landing pages that connect to other areas of your website enables visitors to move around your site freely, distracting them from the reason they were there in the first place. A term often used by digital marketers is conversion funnel – it describes the journey of the user from the first page they view to the checkout. Designing a website with navigational links on landing pages can distract the user and clutter your conversion funnel. A simple & focused conversion funnel can result in far better user experience and conversion rates.


navigational links on landing pages
Distracting the astronauts from the task of landing on the moon would not be a smart idea… so don’t distract the users on your landing pages!


Overall, removing the navigation and links to other areas of your site removes the opportunity for visitors to abandon the page before completing the conversion. With the navigation – and distraction – removed, you’ll maintain the focus of visitors and this will more likely result in better conversion rates for your landing page.

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