Complaints and Questions # 1: Why does analytics say my traffic has dropped to 0?!




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This is a very common complaint we receive at and is usually one of the easiest to address. When i first hear something like this my thoughts always turn to thinking there are problems with tracking data from the website into the Google Analytics profile account. I’ll run you through that now:

This is fairly straight forward to diagnose:

1. When you are logged into your analytics account, head to the accounts list and note down the UA- tracking code number. You can find it here:

 2. Now when you have your tracking code head to the website in question, preferably the homepage.

           i. Hit: Control + U, on the keyboard to bring up the source code

           ii. Hit: Control + F to bring up the search function

           iii. Now enter the tracking code you got from step 1

 If you didn’t find the code, then bingo, your code has either been erased during an update of the website, or accidently deleted through the Content Management System or manually through FTP. If this is the case then you just need to simply re-install it to get it working again. Make sure you are installing it through a template module and not just on an individual page basis if you want to track traffic coming from all pages on your site.

Although it would be quite un-usual, if you see the tracking code present on your homepage, it would be worth going through analytics and seeing which pages have dropped to 0 visits. Manually check the analytics code on these as well. It could be a case where certain pages on your site don’t have the code present for one reason or another. If this is the case then get the tracking code back on these pages.

After you have rectified the above it should take less than an hour before your analytics profile and website start communicating with each other again and delivering data.

If you are still having problems with getting your traffic data back, there could be some bigger issues at play. Feel free to contact roi and ask for a member of the team to help you diagnose it.

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