Why does Google display the wrong page on my website?

Google magnifying glass

OFTEN the page you want to rank – the one that people will find relevant and useful to their query – isn’t the page Google has decided to place highest.

Yes, it’s great to be ranking well, but it’s frustrating to have people seeing pages that are not your best offering.

The cause of the problem is simple – Google rankings reflect the pages that have the best information about a particular term.

This issue occurs for two reasons:

  • When multiple pages on your website mention the same term and, in Google’s opinion, the wrong page is deemed more informative to users.
  • There is a technical issue preventing the correct page from being read correctly.

Google search wrong

To fix this issue requires a diagnosis of which factor is the cause and is generally easier to outsource to a digital agency.

  • A change is required where each page targets a specific term, perhaps a product or service.
  • This includes each page being optimised to target a respective term as well as being de-optimised for terms that are better focused on other pages of your website.

The solution is far from simple, but getting the right pages to rank highest will bring significant benefit to any online business.

  • Retain users on your site with the best information you have.
  • Improve page ranking by correct targeting, leading to more traffic and more opportunity for leads.

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