Why does my website load slowly?

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HAVING a blog or website that is slow to load can kill your traffic and send your readers packing.

If your site doesn’t load in just a few seconds, your average I-need-it-now-or-forget-it web surfer will be on to greener (and faster) pastures.

Put simply, a website’s loading speed is how long it takes for all the items on a page to appear on screen.

You can check you website by using Google’s official speed test.

Google page speed test

If there is an issue, it is generally slow due to one of three issues:

  • Images on the page are too large.
  • Too many website files (code issue).
  • The hosting server is slow.

The difficulty of fixing the issue depends on which of the three issues is causing the problem:

  • When you upload an image, ensure it is reduced to 72dpi. Some photo editing software has a ‘save for web’ function that will do this.
  • For website files (code) and hosting issues, this will generally require an agency to resolve.

While all businesses will benefit from this, it is particularly important for industries with a high proportion of mobile search. Benefits are two-fold:

  • Prevent users from leaving a website out of frustration.
  • Improve Google ranking in mobile search.

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