Why does the cost of SEO vary significantly between different providers?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Wins

Search engines are consumers’ top choice for locating products, services and information of their choice as they make searching extremely user friendly (qualified content options coming to the user in seconds) and continually display authenticated / accurate data.

Search engines have made web content extremely user friendly as they serve data that meets consumer needs. SEO is a set of coordinated web development activities that boost the popularity of your site content, by aligning the content to evolving search needs of web surfers. Focused SEO is known to enhance search engine rankings in few weeks

The latest SEO techniques like RSS feeds boost link popularity of genuine web businesses improving search engine rankings within days and not weeks. Due to growing web surfer fatigue, it is imperative to be amongst the first few searches and not just on the first page. SEO vendors that ensure your website enjoys higher search engine result rankings do vary in size, specialization, professionalism, capability and results delivered.

It pays to hire an experienced SEO vendor (rather than an individual) who has the proven expertise and specialist staff  that is able to leverage changing SEO tactics cost effectively and has boasts and great track record.

Varying SEO competencies & pricing

No two SEO vendors are the same as they employ different tactics and strategies. Different SEO and web marketing vendors devote different levels of effort and commit to different goals; hence they have different cost models, depending on the varying levels of team SEO efforts.

Most SEO vendors like to work on monthly retainer, where as some SEO specialists work on a value based pricing model,  where others sell easy to understand packages which are generally only suitable for uncompetitive markets.

SEO is actually an ongoing effort with vendors putting in varied efforts at different stages. The recommended SEO strategy will also vary significantly from one vendor to another.

Your choice of SEO provider can have a 6 figure impact on your bottom line

Different vendors do charge different money for SEO work, and you need to find the most cost effective and workable vendor. Often ‘low-cost’
SEO efforts prove to be expensive mistakes as companies do not get the results they had planned for; as competitive markets require concerted SEO efforts that cost more money due to extra resources that need to be deployed to the project.

Gaining top search engine positions for your valuable keywords requires coordinated SEO efforts. The intensity of application of these activities needs to be maintained consistently e.g. researching new popular key words & phrases, business intelligence on successful competitions’ SEO tactics, new rules of the game by Search Engine administrators, new offers launched by global competition and emerging technological innovations like RSS feeds.

Successful SEO vendors do not win by employing more effective SEO tactics but by focusing on key ethical tactics that give more benefits in the shortest amount of  time e.g. custom link building with quality websites.

Smart SEO innovators employ innovative web tactics to gain higher SEO rankings and enhance user experience as well. Different SEO vendors charge different money for SEO efforts as they need to be compensated for their deep domain expertise, in depth consumer and search engine tactics research, state-of-the-art tools, custom benchmarking expertise and innovative web-strategies: all of which are necessary for better returns from SEO investments. Successful SEO vendors invest considerable time and efforts in keeping their SEO experts ahead of the learning curve in both SEO tactics as well as evolving business trends that impact their customers’ website development.

On face value SEO vendors may all look the same, however, the quality of service, tactics deployed and results achieved are significantly different.

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