Why ongoing search engine optimisation is important

Clients still wonder why most companies request at least a minimum 12-month commitment to an SEO project. This is because in many cases, there remains a fundamental lack of understanding of search engine optimisation strategies but a new element to this is agency inaction on a number of points that should be implemented monthly.

SEO – Not a 1-hit wonder

Often, a contract for a google SEO project will commence with a complete review of the client website, followed by all the on-page alterations that are required. Depending on the size of the website and the problem areas identified, this may take a day to a number of days to fully implement.

Following a clean up of the site, comes in the commencement of the long-term approaches, which among others include:

Link building – the practice of finding, organising and implementing quality links to point to relevant pages on your website. This is done through direct requests, quality paid directories, press releases and link baiting ideas.

– Content creation – no website can be considered an authority in the long run with 10-20 pages of content. As competitors enter the arena, it is important to maintain dominance in online positioning. By increasing content, you increase perceived authority on a subject and provide additional pages to link to on your site. Other content creation includes writing on your own blog or guest writing on quality industry sites.

Proactive vs reactive strategy

A quality long term SEO strategy will reap rewards because if you have a user-centred design, with website usability and quality SEO at its core, this will boost website conversions and make it easier to trade direct links to your site. But the key to this is measured continuity.

For this reason, it is important that your SEO agency implements all the points that it is due to perform on a monthly basis. Ensure that your SEO firm is in fact acting on the monthly strategy agreed upon.
Whether you are paying $200 a month or $2000, services like link building, content creation, linkbaiting, social media optimisation, local optimisation, reputation management & PR, keyword research, analytics monitoring & analysis should not end. These are all ongoing tasks that demand attention every month. By dropping the ball on monthly SEO continuity, you are dropping the ball on all your SEO efforts, no matter how far they may have gotten you to this point.

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