Why SEO is just as important as SEX

Intimacy, like SEO, doesn’t just magically happen.

SEO doesn't happen overnight

It has to be built up over time. And much like SEO, often times, the harder you work at intimacy, the more valuable and rewarding it will be. So we’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone and attempt to answer both questions.

How can I get more intimacy in my relationship = How can I make my business rank higher on Google?’


SEO is high-quality content


Developing good, high-quality content = Open lines of communication

SEO: Before you can use SEO to get visitors into your site, you should first have a foundation of great content that has relevance to your visitors.

SEX: In relationship terms, you need to be able to communicate with your partner. One word, non-descript commentary doesn’t do anyone any good. Being able to adequately explain what you’re trying to say goes a long way.


Use logical, searchable keywords = Being on the same page.

SEO: Keywords are the main words that web surfers will use to find your site. It’s imperative that you don’t use them in excess because some search engines may slam you for spamming.

SEX: In your relationship you need a core understanding of what successfully drives your happiness. Because ‘women are from Venus and men are from Mars’ – understanding the keys to what makes each other tick is very important.


SEO is searchable keywords


Build relevant external links = Having a life outside of your relationship

SEO: Getting other leading websites to link back to you can equate close to 70% of your SEO efforts.  Having relevant content that others display and link to on their site; backing an applicable site; Asking. Hopefully other sites will link to you because they want to support you.

SEX: This is the part of your relationship where you both have other friends and interests outside of each other. You go to and do activities that are completely separate of one another. This is how you keep from wanting to kill each other when someone forgets to do the dishes, or leaves a few items of clothing on the floor.


Build relevant internal links = Enjoying each other’s company

SEO: Including lots of internal links on your webpages directs visitors to other places on your site; so you’re basically giving search engines suggestions on the most significant pages on your site. Use HTML, no Flash or Java; Link from most important pages; Link to pages containing relevant keywords.

SEX: This is the part of your relationship where you and your partner are so in love it makes people sick. You keep your hands off each other, everything he/she does is adorable, and you can’t seem to get enough of each other. You actually like being in each other’s company, and you can help but show it.

SEO is building relevant internal links


Track and review your data to continuously improve = Having open & honest talks about your relationship.

SEO: In order to being continually improving your SEO methods, you need to understand the behaviour on your site. Your company should always be looking at what keywords are working, where traffic is coming from, what pages they’re visiting, and what actions they’re taking. This will help you determine how to improve your SEO efforts.

SEX: You can talk to your partner openly, honestly, and without fear. You can tell each other what drives you both insane, and things you would like the other person to improve on. This enables a relationship where you’re both growing by actually listening to what the other person is saying.


SEO help = Relationship counselling  

SEO: Good digital marketing agencies can be just as necessary to a business as a law or accounting firm. The difference, though, is that a digital marketing agency can directly impact the bottom line of your business. Results can instantaneously be quantified and tracked, and you’ll know exactly what kind of mark your digital presence is making.

SEX: A necessary step when both you and your partner are failing to communicate, you’re repeating negative patterns, and you just don’t seem know what else to do to make things work. Counselling can help couples manage and understand what underlying issues may be affecting your relationship.

In Conclusion

As great sex life is what everyone wants, but like anything worth having it take work. Great SEO is the result of countless hours spent researching, testing, crafting and implementing; it really is the culmination of substantial effort and execution. And that’s why I akin it to sex, because when done properly IT’S AWESOME! But that’s just my opinion. I’m actually more interested in what you have to say on the subject. Leave a comment, share us, or contact us if you have any questions of thoughts.


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