Why the Google Penguin Update is Good for SEO


If your website was recently hit by the latest Google update, then feeling less than impressed with the new algorithms is most likely an understatement.

However, you’re not alone – the impact has affected around 2.3% of English-US queries worldwide, which means that many Australian businesses felt the wrath of Google as they experienced a considerable drop in rankings.

While some businesses are in panic mode over their rankings, the Google Penguin update is actually good for SEO. See our in-depth Penguin 3.0 analysis for more detail on this update.

Keeping in mind that the general idea behind Google’s search engine ranking algorithms is to crack down on underhanded backlinking techniques, penalise duplicate content, and eliminate weak websites from the first page, Penguin is actually rewarding sites that focus more on content and don’t indulge in Black Hat SEO.

Here are a few reasons why Penguin is actually a good thing for quality SEO in general:

Content Still Matters: In a Matt Cutts video, “if you’re doing high quality content when you’re doing SEO, then this [Penguin 2.0] shouldn’t be a big surprise.” Remember that content on websites is for the user, not for search engines, so if you don’t have the time to write something decent, hire a professional who does. Penguin makes it harder and harder to fool the search engine with generic, badly spun articles and product information.

Authority Is Important More than Ever: SEO technicians won’t be rewarded anymore for taking shortcuts when it comes to link building, as Penguin 2.0 places more of an emphasis on the reputation and quality of a site that’s linking to your domain rather than the 2,000 or so links that point in your direction. Bottom line? Don’t pay for links – they’re dangerous and pointless.

It Brings Stability to SEO: Penguin is ultimately a good thing for ethical SEO professionals, as it rewards those who play by the rules. The real focus of SEO is to help quality websites and businesses attract more traffic online, and whilst keeping up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms can be a drag on productivity, taking shortcuts to get there is a big no-no.

Google Penguin 2.0


As the search environment in constantly changing we, at roi.com.au, are consistently updating our SEO Services to ensure Australian businesses are able to benefit from these changes and changes the future will bring.


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