Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

First lets cover the basics…a blog is a personal website or web page which records opinionative articles, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

Now before all you potential bloggers out there start launching blogs left right and centre, it is important to note that not all businesses are suited to blogging. If you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a quality, regularly updated blog, there is no point creating one. Also, if your customers or clients don’t actively engage with your website or social media platforms, they are unlikely to take the time to read and engage with your blog, therefore don’t make writing a blog your priority.

Having said that, quality blogging can deliver great success for your business. The best blogs are the ones that involve your reader in the conversation and as a result, connect them to your brand. The benefits are vast and varied but the four key positives gained from company blogging are outlined below.

4 key benefits of blogging for your business


Basically, with quality content on your website that is regularly updated, you are more likely to rank higher on Google. A blog is an excellent way to tell Google that you are keeping your business’ website active and that you have authority on topics relative to your business and industry.

Your Search Engine Optimisation strategy is further assisted by legitimate links from other websites and social media platforms pointing to the blog post on your website, therefore you should encourage others to share your blog online. To further build the strength of your website, you can utilise internal linking to direct your blog readers to certain pages of your website, focussing on your homepage. This will generally result in higher Google rankings, a great result for your efforts!


With better SEO, as discussed above, there is greater opportunity for people to come across your website simply because it is ranked higher on Google for relevant searches. Website traffic should grow as a result.

Your blog may also be shared on social media sites, by other bloggers or on different websites (you should definitely share your blog posts on your own social media platforms). This increased exposure allows new potential customers to come into contact with your blog and your website as a whole.

 It is best to put blogs on your own website rather than someone else’s in order to gain the benefits from visitors clicking on your blog and then moving onto other content on your website. With more website visits, a growth in sales is likely to arise!


When you post relevant and useful information on your blog, you are telling your readers, including all-important Google, that you know a substantial amount of information about a topic, area or industry. This establishes authority for your website and Google and readers alike are going to pay more attention to what you have to say and what you can deliver for them. For example, if you are a personal trainer and regularly post useful information on your blog about fitness, nutrition, upcoming events, etc. your readers are more likely to see your service as high quality and Google may reward you with more prominent rankings.

With authority comes trust, which is one of the hardest things to gain in the fairly anonymous and mysterious land of the internet. Once your customers gain trust in your website, they are likely to display loyalty towards your products and services, as well provide free and highly valuable word-of-mouth advertising for you. As you can see, establishing authority is vital for business success!


Last but definitely not least, blogging offers your customers the chance to join the conversation. By inviting interaction and feedback or by simply addressing your readers with a respectful and friendly tone, you are engaging with the most important people in your business, your customers. They are likely to be elevated from loyal customers to brand advocates if they feel valued and part of a somewhat exclusive club.

Your business will experience exponential growth with the opportunities made through loyal customer spending, customer critique and feedback, free advertising as well as product and service co-creation. The opportunities are endless once you build your army of avid brand ambassadors!


In conclusion, the benefits of blogging are limitless but you have to be committed to writing quality content on a regular basis. You don’t have to write a lot but you do have to write often. Set goals, know your target audience and have a quality two-way conversation with your customers. The rewards will start to emerge in no time! To find out how ROI.com.au can assist with your business’ blog, call 1300 650 274.

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Disclaimer: This article was produced as part of a learning initiative for our graduate program. The tips and facts presented are not necessarily shared by roi.com.au

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