Will A Sitemap Help My Google Rankings?

Sitemaps assist Google to effectively crawl your website

Sitemaps are an effective tool for your website that will ensure that Google can crawl all your important pages quickly and efficiently. Creating a strong sitemap will make it easier for Google to navigate through and index all of the pages of your site, which might otherwise be hard to access and index. A sitemap makes it easy for Google to see what your site is about and what content is relevant to searches made on Google, which essentially assist with your rankings and SEO.

The misconception of sitemaps is that they will actively improve your site’s rankings. This isn’t necessarily the case, as creating and uploading a sitemap won’t instantly result in better rankings and traffic from Google. Rather, it will ensure that Google can easily reach the content and information on your key pages, which in turn will lead to ranking improvements. Sitemaps should ultimately be seen as the means to an end when it comes to rankings.

The stronger your sitemap is, the more pages Google will crawl

If your sitemap is structured correctly and flows well according to sitemap protocol, Google has a higher likelihood of looking at more pages. However, a strong sitemap doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will crawl every single page – it will simply pick out the relevant, most prominent items and crawl them accordingly. Google also uses your sitemap to improve its crawler schedule, ensuring that it can target more pages and information in the future.

Also, it’s key to remember that a sitemap should be designed for crawlers, not visitors. Writing a sitemap with visitors as your intended audience can be confusing for crawlers, and your rankings may suffer as a result.

Video content on sitemaps

Interactivity on websites is something that is becoming a focal point for Google and its crawlers, which makes it important to correctly identify any such content, like videos, in your sitemap. Using the Google Video extension in your sitemap ensures that Google is appropriately presented with key information regarding the video content on your site and as a result more likely to rank your video in SERPs for relevant search phrases.

This protocol can include the video’s title, description, play page URL, thumbnail URL and the Raw video file location and/or the player URL. If such information isn’t present, Google will not be able to find your videos straight away when they crawl your website, detracting from their intended purpose.

Video optimisation is still a relatively untapped opportunity in the world of SEO, so it’s worthwhile adopting the right approach with sitemaps if you are regularly publishing videos on your website.

Set up your sitemap correctly and enjoy the SEO results

When it comes to creating sitemaps on your own website, it is key that you have a thorough understanding of the above processes. The team at roi.com.au have intrinsic knowledge of website design and structures, ensuring that our renowned SEO services can be combined with quality sitemap knowledge to deliver maximum ranking potential.

If you want to learn more about how sitemaps can assist with SEO or Google crawlers, or more of our exciting SEO service options contact roi.com.au today on 1300 650 274.

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