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WordPress and SEO

We get a lot of questions about WordPress and its suitability for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The following is a general overview of what WordPress is why it is favourable to use it to assist in your SEO strategy. We will follow this article up with further help and advice on how to get the most from WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is essentially a customisable publishing platform that allows users to build blogs and websites faster and easier than fully-customised site designs. WordPress is free software and can be downloaded here. Users of WordPress can create sites using a web template system and thousands of functional plug-ins and widgets without the requirement for knowledge of PHP or HTML coding.

While WordPress is primarily used as a Content Management (CMS) system where users can build a site on specific (interchangeable) themes, the PHP and HTML code of themes can be edited if desired – this allows for customisation of a website or blog.

Why is WordPress Better for SEO?

There are several advantages to WordPress from a SEO stand point. Explaining them all won’t happen today but without getting too far into technicalities, we will try to give an insight into why WordPress helps your SEO strategy. Navigational issues on custom built sites and other CMS sites are avoided in WordPress.

WordPress features a search engine friendly link structure which basically utilises human-readable permalinks in all URLs – this is recognised as the best way to ensure links maintain long-term integrity. Optimising URLs with key phrases relevant to the given page in a permalink structure is not a feature limited to WordPress but WordPress allows for a customised permalink structure.

WordPress blogs are crawled more easily by Google and other search engines due to structure of categories and links, which ensures that whenever Google crawls your website, it is far less likely to be impeded and more likely to crawl pages where you may have added or refreshed content.

WordPress features thousands of functional plug-ins

Amongst the thousands of plug-ins available for WordPress which can have a positive impact on your SEO strategy are caching plug-ins. Caching plug-ins essentially make WordPress respond faster by storing cached HTML versions of your web pages and serving these to site visitors rather than loading the entire PHP code every time a page is opened.

Another important element WordPress websites and blogs bring to your SEO strategy is interaction. One of the key driving forces for search engine rankings is the relevance of content, which WordPress supports in a two key ways – (i) content on every page can be updated quickly and easily and (ii) WordPress allows for site visitor comments – comments demonstrate that your site is relevant and up-to-date (time stamp) and even informative or thought-provoking. If a website or blog is relevant, fresh, and informative, users are more likely to link to it, which in turn helps your website get the best exposure to interested parties.

WordPress allows even the most inexperienced blogger to get up and running with a blog or website which can be well optimised for SEO without much effort. The best thing about it, besides being free, is that it can be used by blogging and site building amateurs with a range of themes to choose from while coding experts can also use it and design a completely custom yet SEO friendly site.

There are countless more ways WordPress can help your SEO strategy for example plug-ins such as breadcrumbs for easier site navigation for visitors and search engines and SEO friendly image plug-ins. We have covered the best points on why WordPress is good for search optimising and we will cover different sub-topics within WordPress on a regular basis in our Blog, so stay tuned.

The New roi.com.au Website Was Built Using WordPress

The latest version of the roi.com.au website was built using WordPress. Our web design team are specialists in using WordPress and when integrated with our customised SEO services, WordPress provides a robust platform for sustainable rankings and web traffic success.

If you would like to learn more about WordPress websites and getting the best fit for web design and SEO for your business, call us today on 1300 650 274.

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