Yahoo and Bing Advertising Costs

Q. How much does it cost to have ads on Yahoo/Bing?

A. As with Google Adword ads, Yahoo Advertising rates are dynamic and contingent on the competitive nature of your particular industry. However, in comparison to Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising costs are usually just half the price, or sometimes even less. Why is this possible?

Yahoo/Bing often has nominal search compared to vast majority of people searching on Google – the world’s most dominant search engine. Despite this, extensive research shows the quality of traffic across the various search engines is roughly the same. Also, if you’re currently analysing the quality of traffic through Google Analytics, you can label URLs to differentiate AdWords traffic from Yahoo/Bing pay per click.

Businesses that opt to devote some or all of their online advertising budget to Yahoo & Bing can enjoy significantly better returns on investment as the cost per acquisition is generally lower as a result of the lower advertising costs. At present industries currently revelling in lucrative Yahoo/Bing campaigns include: removalists, gyms, hampers and accommodation.

If you would like to know more about alternatives to advertising on Google read more from ROI on the benefits of Yahoo PPC Advertising.

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