YouTube Advertising

Advertising on YouTube is an option for many Australian companies

Advertising on YouTube presents Australian website owners and online marketers with a good opportunity to reach their target market and offers a range of advertising formats and similar costs to other PPC formats which may suit a variety of businesses.

YouTube is the fourth largest website in the world and is most popular amongst young adults, attracting millions of site visitors with a considerably higher average time on site than other sites, so ads on YouTube have a lot to offer, if the market is right.

Advertise On YouTube through your Google AdWords account

YouTube is owned by Google so Google AdWords account holders can advertise on YouTube by creating an ad campaign on Google’s Content Network (formerly the Google Display Network) by selecting the Networks tab in you AdWords account. Click on ‘Add Placements’ under ‘Managed Placements’ and then target your AdWords ads to YouTube by selecting as a specific URL in the Placement Tool.

Although users are don’t typically search for a given product or service when on YouTube, advertising on YouTube presents a different kind of opportunity given the time on site. With specific categories and channels, there are niche opportunities for advertisers and at a relatively low outlay, it’s worth testing the effect of YouTube advertising as part as a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

All forms of YouTube advertising for your website can be tracked through your Google Analytics account. Below are some of the more common formats of advertising on YouTube:

Promoted Videos

If you create videos on YouTube, you can actively advertise these through a self-managed Promoted Videos campaign, which effectively allow YouTube video producers to promote their video using images, ad text and keywords. These Promoted Video advertisements are displayed in YouTube search results and in other places on Google’s Content Network . Promoted Videos uses the same pricing model as Google AdWords.

Click-to-Play Advertisements

Click-to-Play Advertisements are essentially a form of rich media Sponsored Link ad on the Content Network. They work like a normal YouTube video and include an eye-catching banner above the video advert.

Overlay Adverts

The overlay adverts on YouTube videos are the transparent banners that appear at the end of videos, which have to be actively closed by viewer. The objective of the video is to prompt the user to click away from the video and onto your site.

Masthead Ads

Masthead Advertisements on YouTube are the largest forms of rich media advertising available on YouTube. This targeted form of advertising tends to cost more and may suit bigger budget advertisers launching new products or special promotions. Masthead ads comprise full media capabilities including images, video and audio.

Cost Of Advertising On YouTube

For advertising through placement-targeting on Google’s Content Network, it will cost a minimum of $1 minimum cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) but that’s to target the YouTube site in general. To target more specific categories, the minimum CPM doubles to $2.

In your Google AdWords account, the minimum cost incurred for advertising on YouTube for contextual targeting will be set by your default maximum cost-per-click (CPC). However if you have set a maximum bid for ads in the Content Network that will limit your spend on YouTube ads.

Get a greater return from your online presence with

As with any form of online advertising, it’s important not to take advertising on YouTube in isolation. As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy it can be an effective advertising platform for Australian businesses along with sound SEO services and a measured Google Adwords campaign. Contact ROI today on 1300 650 274 for more on maximising the return from your online investment.

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