YouTube is not a fad, it is here to stay

YouTube is amongst the most popular video viewing destinations on the web today, having served more than 1.73 billion video views and 45 terabytes of video footage. With video content becoming increasingly popular in web searches, YouTube is fast becoming everyone’s first port of call when they want to search for a video online.

For businesses, savvy marketers, film makers and even amateur artists wanting to catch attention of target audience, You Tube presents an enormous opportunity to position oneself in an extremely compelling manner.  However you need to employ smart You Tube marketing strategies to standout in a crowd of millions of online videos.

Below is some tips on how to improve the success of your video search engine optimisation on YouTube

1. Create your own customised channel – this is automatically created when you sign up for a new You Tube account. This should be your first step towards becoming a video creator/ NewsMaster /opinion maker, rather than being just another site visitor.  You then need to name and create your profile in a manner that fits your promotional goal as the channel name is also part of your URL  e.g.

2. Select the right account typeas you sign up for your new account you have a choice to select an account type that suits you. If you want to be noticed do not select the usual ‘standard’ option. Try and select the most appropriate one from the following :

a. Director account – works for people producing their own web videos as it allows them to add custom items and even a logo to their Profile pages

b. Musician account – great for people wanting to promote their music through YouTube. In addition to custom logo & choice of music genre, artists can display tour date information and even their CD purchase links on profile pages

c. Comedian account – this is a good way of promoting a comedy show / stand-up act. This account allows you to add a custom log, comedy style, show date information and also CD purchase links on your profile pages

d. Guru accountfor anyone whose is an expert in a particular field. Here people can choose a custom logo, genre and links to their other websites from their profile pages.

By choosing the right account type you automatically increase the ‘view-ability’ of your videos and profile. Users generally search by account type, and by narrowing the focus of your channel, you also reduce the competition rom other videos. Some users search for videos through the YouTube channel guide by selecting the appropriate channel category. So whether the videos you upload get a lot of views in a particular week, or even steadily gather clicks over a period of time, your self promotion opportunities will surely increase. This is true because i t is easy to rise to the top of the pile within a category. As you help potential viewers to find you through the appropriate category and a descriptive channel name, it leads to more video and profile views. This in turn sends more traffic to your website, and if you are planning to sell your CD or are planning to advertise your proposed live performance, this increased web-visibility is a welcome bonus.

3. Be careful about the running timeto create videos that have better chances of attracting attention and repeat visits is by ensuring that the running time is around the 5 minute mark or a bit less. While people could watch TV-ripped content for a slightly longer time, your ‘made-for-web video’ is best viewed in short bursts: both for its ability to keep the viewers hooked, and to stay within the100 MB file size limit for YouTube uploads. Now i f you do have a particularly exciting longer piece, it could be broken up into segments and it can be combined together later in a playlist. This allows viewers to see relevant parts of the content, rather than forcing them to see the entire 10 minutes of video content before they reach the part that they are keen to view.

4. Content rules if you have a Guru account, it’s advisable to make short, snappy, intellectually- informative videos with their own how-to guides that people cannot find it easily elsewhere. If it’s a comedian account, then make people laugh in the first thirty seconds of your clip. And for people with the musician’s account- they need to start with their greatest song, to have viewers engaged in the first few seconds.

5. Always create an online buzz about your videos – Your videos also need the regular SEO initiatives to be popular amongst the growing web community. Simple ways to boost popularity could be to post articles about your videos to various forums, blogs, bulletin boards and even article directories/websites. Remember that by placing these articles on highly-competitive, targeted websites ,you can easily win trust of your target audience even before they see your YouTube video. Besides this could add to the backlinks to your website and spark off a viral marketingcampaign as viewers e-mail links and clips of your video to their friends.

With the growing number of Australians now using Broadband and tuning into YouTube video, plus the relatively low production costs for online videos, You Tube advertising is no longer a nice to have but should be considered as a serious new sales channel for your business, particularly, if you are targeting a young demographic or tech savvy audience.

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