About Us

ROI.COM.AU Growth Agency

Roi.com.au started in 2006 with the rapid growth of the Internet and to help businesses cost effectively gain new customers in the digital economy.

Over the past 13 years, we have helped thousands of Australian business achieve record sales growth in the most competitive and dynamic online markets.

Put simply, we have been around long enough and have the experience to know what works and what does not.

Serious About Growth, Serious About Sales

The only measure of success for roi.com.au clients is more sales. We don’t get caught up in meaningless reports, buzzwords and metrics that don’t help your business grow. If your business would like to grow in 2019 and would like a marketing partner who takes accountability for their work, we warmly invite you to contact us and explore how we can help one another.

Ewan Watt Director of ROI.COM.AU Pty Ltd
Ewan Watt ROI team

Ewan Watt


I am a digital marketing expert with 25 years global sales & marketing experience. I have successfully grown many businesses by 10 million + in revenues and been engaged as an expert witness on Google Adwords in the Federal Court of Australia.

I founded roi.com.au in 2006 to help our clients grow sales through innovative marketing.  I have experience managing over 100 million dollars in online advertising across hundreds of different industries. I host growth strategy workshops for clients of roi.com.au and lead the coaching & development of the roi.com.au team.

I am grateful for the wonderful support of my wife & family and out 2 children. In my spare time, I love exploring new places and activities, whilst going for a jog, coaching cricket, horse racing and supporting the Essendon Football Club.

David Pocock roi.com.au pty ltd

David Pocock

General Manager - Business Growth

Dave joined ROI.COM.AU as a Major Accounts Manager back in 2011 and now looks after our ROI.COM.AU Team as General Manager. Dave is a keen metal music fan who enjoys playing cricket and supporting the Western Bulldogs.

Aaron Di-Rienzo

Growth Development Manager

Hailing from Melbourne and cultivating a fiery passion for all things Richmond Tigers, Aaron is the top dog senior account manager at ROI, having secured this coveted position straight out of university.

This speedster loves fast cars and can often be seen at the grand prix being the rowdiest of the bunch. Conversely, his attention to detail and patient approach to his work makes him the most celebrated AM in the whole office with a loyal fan base of clients constantly praising his work ethic and dedication.


Experienced Runner

Hi, my name is Jazz and my dad is Cohen. My role at ROI is to keep the staff active and on their toes. I am a lifelong Richmond fan (just like my dad). I love to cuddle with my mum and dad and get lots of pats! I also love being bossy and annoying my big brother Toby! I am active during the mornings and enjoy a good afternoon power nap. If you come for a visit, expect me to come and say hello and give me a pat.