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Digital marketing is a dynamic and exciting space to begin a fulfilling career; this evolutionary and ever-changing platform is allowing marketers new ways to communicate with potential customers. In order to impress potential employers in this space further, experience and training is vital to be perceived as being ‘job-ready’. ROI.COM.AU – Australia’s leading search marketing agency – is offering current Australian University & TAFE students, currently undertaking relevant studies in Marketing, Business, or IT an opportunity to develop their skills with industry-relevant training and education.

One Lucky Winner Will Receive:

Search Marketing Training Modules Inclusive of:

  • Search Engine Optimisation Essentials
  • PPC & Google Adwords
  • Website design and conversion
  • Keyword research & competitive analysis
  • Copywriting for the web
  • Google Certification Support & Training
  • Career advice from ROI.COM.AU’s CEO and Human Resources department
  • $2,000 in cash towards any learning expenses or business ventures
  • Preference in joining’s graduate program, which allows recent graduates to work across a variety of different disciplines in order develop well-rounded expertise in digital marketing

This invaluable package will be vital in kick-starting your career in the digital space – not to mention a handy addition to your resume.

How To Apply:

Applicants should aim to excite’s selection panel by sending the following details to [email protected]

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • University
  • Course or Degree
  • In 100 words or less explain why a career in digital marketing is for you

Terms &

  • Applications for the 2015 scholarship close on November 30th 2015
  • Must have been undertaking tertiary study via an Australian educational institution in 2015
  • One scholarship winner will be selected by an internal team
  • Preference will be given to a student that has indicated an interest and passion in digital marketing


If you’re interested in learning more about our services & product lines please click through below:

Ewan Watt Director of ROI.COM.AU Pty Ltd
Ewan Watt

[The Big Cheese]

Ewan is the Founder and CEO of ROI.COM.AU. He is a passionate Entrepreneur with 20+ years Digital Marketing experience, in which time he’s helped 10,000 Australian and International businesses grow. Ewan is a proud dad, husband and leader of the brilliant ROI.COM.AU team. Outside of work he loves to back a winner, pound the pavement and make the most of everyday.

Lavinder Sethi

[The Money Man]

Lavinder joined the team in 2015 after a successful career in Professional Services as CFO/COO. The man affectionately known as Lav, loves nothing more than when India beat Australia in the cricket.

David Pocock

General Manager - Performance
[Not the Rugby player]

Dave joined ROI.COM.AU as a Major Accounts Manager back in 2011 and now looks after our Account Management and PPC teams as General Manager – Performance. Dave also enjoys playing cricket and supporting the Western Bulldogs.

Alan Scott
Alan Scott pty ltd
Alan Scott

Senior Web Designer
[Fried Chicken Consultant]

Alan relishes the role of helping companies connect with their audience through design. A youngen in ROI years he maintains his youthful exuberance by sitting amongst “the oldies”. His daily manly pursuits include growing his beard and beating Matt at Table Tennis.

Ray Jeremia

Senior Web Design

All the way from sunny Indonesia, this web developing maverick has been in the industry for 10 years, obliterating the competition in agencies and in house alike.

With a passion and self-professed unnatural preoccupation for design theory, Ray is the go to guy when you’re after perfectly kerned type and adherence to the golden ratio.

When Ray isn’t obsessing over his design work, he takes the edge off with snowboarding, hiking and cycling in his free time.

Renuja Marshall

Web Designer

Having worked in a variety of industries from fashion to television, it’s no wonder why Renuja is our UX lead. With a bachelors in design computing and IT, Renuja brings great technical skills and a creative eye to all her work.

A Melbourne new comer, Renuja loves long walks, listening to Ted talks, being in the sun and playing mean licks on the piano. She’s ROI’s secret weapon when it comes to website mastery.

Jimmy Wang

Growth Marketer | SEO Specialist

Always immaculately dressed and ready to share some digital wisdom in the office, this Brainiac dandy is the poster boy of ROI, carrying the bulk of the SEO work on his shoulders with great ease and skill.

Having garnered experience and great praise for his work in the Chinese digital sphere, Jimmy brings his cultural crossover knowledge to the Australian market, providing insights that most others could only hope for. He also embarrasses every ping pong challenger in the office because he really is THAT good.

Kaan Güde

Senior Digital Strategist
[Too Short For The NBA]

A mathematical genius and absolute Excel gun, Kaan is a formidable player in the ROI team. A perfectionist by day and basketballer by night, he also enjoys a bit of Playstation gaming, travelling and dabbling in other sports.

Malcolm Malloy

Junior Technical Specialist

Don’t let the smile fool you! Balancing full time work and a Masters, Malcolm is officially the “baddest” web developer. He balances the quintessential characteristics of a tech nerd with his love for travel and illustration, all while keeping his brain alert with puzzles and riddles that’d stump Rumpelstiltskin. Malcolm has also become the most popular person in the office, not only due to his warm and friendly demeanour but with people haranguing him with tech riddles only he can solve.

Kate Shirrefs


You think you know what accountants are like but you have no idea. Kate ain’t no fuddy-duddy. This miserly maiden of mathematical magic boasts experience in the high fashion industry as well as has lived in Switzerland, skiing her way to and from work during her time as a computer programmer. With three beautiful kids and a husband who must have a haircut in every nation he visits, Kate is both a family woman and a keen adventurer, ready to pack her rucksack and take her domestics onto the open road, no matter the destination.



Trent Matheson

Growth Marketing Manager

Having worked as a business development manager in a bevy of companies, this commerce graduate also has graphic design qualifications under his belt, making him a jack of all trades and definitely a master of both!

With the gift of the gab and a great attitude, Trent’s foray into the digital sphere has proven fruitful with his hard work and charisma proving successful at every turn.

David Pocock pty ltd
David Pocock

General Manager - Business Growth
[Not the Rugby player]

Dave joined ROI.COM.AU as a Major Accounts Manager back in 2011 and now looks after our ROI.COM.AU Team as General Manager. Dave is a keen metal music fan who enjoys playing cricket and supporting the Western Bulldogs.

Nancy Manders

Major Accounts - Project Co-ordinator

With a stellar career working for big brand such as Mercedes Benz in London and Melbourne, it’s not hard to see why ROI snatched up Nancy upon our initial meeting.

Nancy is the perfect merging of power house boss lady and loveable best friend. There’s nothing she can’t do and the work she does, she does with love!

Just to make you more jealous, Nancy couples her analytical wit with creative skills that would leave Picasso in a slump. Haha, digital world, we have Nancy, you don’t.

Aaron Di-Rienzo

Growth Development Manager
[The Future]

Hailing from Melbourne and cultivating a fiery passion for all things Richmond Tigers, Aaron is the top dog senior account manager at ROI, having secured this coveted position straight out of university.

This speedster loves fast cars and can often be seen at the grand prix being the rowdiest of the bunch. Conversely, his attention to detail and patient approach to his work makes him the most celebrated AM in the whole office with a loyal fan base of clients constantly praising his work ethic and dedication.

Ben Rossi

Digital Marketer
[Not related to Valentino Rossi]

As if you couldn’t tell from our difficulty in fitting this Robert Wadlow body double in the camera frame, Ben Rossi is an avid b-baller and straight up nice guy!

More than just a pretty face, this intellectual gentleman studied Business at Swinburne and absolutely killed it in his first role as a marketing manager straight out of uni.

In his free time, you’re likely to find ‘daddy long legs’ shooting hoops, travelling the globe and breaking hearts.

Angus McKenzie

PPC Specialist

Alen Birindzic

Senior Developer

Don’t believe the stereotypes, cause here’s a programmer who’s actually good at his job AND extremely sociable. Hailing from Croatia with some of the most amazing frontier stories you’ll ever hear, Alen is a guy’s guy who all the girls love. *swoons*

His unparalleled skills make him the best developer to work with while his big heart and sunny disposition makes him the best mate you’ve ever dreamed of.

Come day’s end you’ll always find Alen swinging on his hammock and catching some much needed Z’s.

Neroli Padfield

Finance and Admin
[Commander of Cash]

I love watching my girls in their chosen activities, attending my church on a Sunday and exercising for relaxation. I am also passionate about fundraising for Very Special Kids. With 25-years of experience, I have come to understand the importance of great teamwork.

Cohen Lewis

Senior Technical Lead | ICT Systems Co-Ordinator

Keen Amateur radio operator, car enthusiast and time traveller, don’t be surprised if Cohen rocks up in the middle of the night in a DeLorean telling you it’s time to go back to the future. We wouldn’t be surprised if he constructed a flux capacitor of his own! With Cohen having worked in web development, electronics, lighting and sound engineering along with every other technical field imaginable! With his quick wit, Cohen is invaluable with his technical perspective to ROI’s most challenging projects.

Jessi Mastenbroek

Digital Marketer | Social Media Specialist

With a keen eye and a creative streak that leaves her peers in her dust, Jessi is a creative trail blazer with a graphic design and photography degree under her belt. She’s also a crazy dog lady and is mum to a golden retriever called Loui, her pride and joy!

Never one to shy away from a crowd, this social butterfly is an absolutely chatty charmer, while her travel expeditions have cultivated her into the cultured lady you see today.

Dolores Lago

Web Designer

Hailing from the other land down under, Dolores is the Argentinian fixture in the ROI office, whose accent lulls us into an utter state of bliss.

This web designer with the mostest relishes the challenge of empowering brands to arrive at the best digital solution available to their ambitions.

Outside of work, Dolores plays super mom to her two beautiful daughters who are now developing Aussie accents. Mate!

Nadine Kempton

General Manager People & Culture
[The Hostess with the Mostest!]

Nadine is our office dynamo and HR guru with the Midas touch on all things recruitment and culture. When she’s not running the whole show like a boss you’ll find Nadine in the kitchen enjoying a laugh in the kitchen on her down time (almost always accompanied by a glass of wine).

With her infectious smile, sunny disposition and fiery passion to get the job done, Nadine is a natural born leader who loves encouraging the team and watching ROI reach new heights through cultivating its hired talent. There’s no one quite like her.

Mark Pepper

Senior Account Manager

Wanted for a crime he didn’t commit and framed by the organisation he swore to protect, Pepper is a man on a mission to sprinkle justice on account management wherever he goes. Pepper shaker puns and 90’s action film cliches aside, Mark was once called “Steve” for a whole year at his previous workplace and was just too nice to correct anyone. This all around nice guy is the absolute darling of ROI whose lighthearted banter and movie references bring joy to every seemingly ordinary day.

Daniel Tan

Growth Account Manager

Hailing from Malaysia and having studied in Melbourne since he was a wee lad, Dan Tan is the UN rep of ROI, being a cultural chameleon that gets along with everyone regardless of their background.

While Dan is a humble guy, his digital exploits far surpass most, having started his own thriving marketing business in his home town of Johor Bahru.

If this guy isn’t being a bad ass marketer he’s at the gym pumping iron or driving laps on his day off.

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