Is your market moving?

The dynamic and drivers behind every business is different.

This year when speaking to many different businesses the constant is we are operating in a fast changing economy.

I have seen

  • The real estate market move from under quoting to over quoting in less than 12 months
  • The wedding industry shift to alternative venues to reduce the cost of getting married
  • The education market constantly change from government decision making
  • The utilities and insurance industies now operate in the comparison economy
  • Afterpay has transformed B2C e-ecommerce businesses
  • The need for B2B companies to offer custom solutions and not just products
  • Trade business questioning the profitabiity of lead generation platform like and
  • The value we all place on time, and the new convenience economy

So the big question for your business? 

What worked in the past, will it still work in the future?

Lets look at some google trends, of some industries which illistruate the need to pivot quickly in business these days:

Taxi  Industry  – The new supply chain

Local Trades – The Importance of Convenience


Hot Trending Industries  – Fidget Spinners

The decline in the need of generalists

The growing appreciation for quality

The rise of Afterpay in B2C Ecommerce

Quickly changing education market


The fragmentation of the service market

Bigger jobs vs quick low value jobs

Do you sense market change in your business?

We will generate a complimentary trends and competitve analysis report for you.

Our report will show you

  • Which markets are growing, declining
  • Which markets your competitors are focussing on

Simply get in touch, and we will generate a report for you.

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