How to Know if Your Business is verified on Google Australia

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1. How to Know if Your Business is verified on Google Australia

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Sometimes you will see the verification reminder showing on the Google My Business homepage as below:

It means that you must verify your local business listing to take advantage of all the feature available on Google My business.

2. Why does your business needs to be verified?

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Sometimes Google will receive some flag reports from Google users, saying that they didn’t find the business on the locations shown on the google map. Also, there may be examples where your business has changed address, and Google is not sure what listing and information are the most accurate for your business.

In these cases, Google needs to make sure your business information is accurate and only you (owners or managers) can get access to it.

3. What are the benefits of verifying your Google My Business Listing?

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By verifying your local business listing, you can get the benefits below:

– Claiming your business listing to control all of the information in your google my business account
– Allow google users to see your business when they search for your business or related keywords.
– Track your traffic data to figure out how visitors have searched your business and where are they from.
– Respond to customer reviews timely.
– Grab more sales opportunities and attract more Google users from the different service area.

4. How to verify your GMB listing?

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1. Click through Verify now button.


2. Click “Confirm” if the showing business is your own one.


3. Choose a way you like to verify

You will get three verification ways to choose, which is Phone, Mail or Email.

A. Verified by Phone:

Click CALL to receive the verify code from message/ phone call.
Enter the code from the message/ call, then tap the Arrow .

B. Verified by Email
If you don’t see this option, please try another verification method.
Click Email to receive the verification code.
Enter the code from the email, then click submit.

C. Verified by Mail

Type in your contact name and click MAIL to receive the code.

* You will receive a postcard in your mailbox under your business address in the following 6-20 Days.

*Remember not to edit your business name, address or category or request a new code while you’re waiting.

Once you get your postcard:
– Login to your Google My Business account
– Tap Enter code to complete the verification, or I don’t have a code if you didn’t get your postcard.
– If you didn’t get a postcard, you can request a new one.
– Once you enter your verification code, your listing should be verified and you are all set to promote and manage your google my business listing

5. Want to get better results and grab more sales opportunities from Google My Business (GMB)

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You will need to think about:
– What services and product categories you want to promote
– The service areas you want to target
– How you plan to build reviews and customer engagement


Ranking and building your local profile on google my business takes time, the same way it takes time to build your brand and reputation of your business.

You can also submit regular posts through Google my business the same way you update your social media accounts like Facebook & Instagram.

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