How can I get my website on first page of a Google Search? 

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How can I get my website on first page of a Google Search? 


Ranking your Australian website on the first page of Google is a refined art. However, follow these 5 ranking tips [1] (SEO) and its plausible that you website will rank on the first page of Google. 



A website must publish relevant and high quality content. 


  • High quality content is a primary driver of search engine rankings. Your content must be created specifically for your target audience. This means targeting ‘niche’ topics and demographics, in dong this Google will recognise your site as an authority on this area. Pulling you to the top of search results for the specific topic. 
  • Once you have achieved first page success for niche keywords; then aim to rank for higher traffic keywords with more competition.


Be mindful of keywords.


  • Google’s algorithm has evolved. It conducts a complex ‘crawl’ of websites for which keywords is one of many determining factors. Although, keyword optimization is still powerful. 
  • Be specific with your keywords: It is uncommon for a webpage to acquire search engine rankings for multiple keywords. 
  • User experience must come first: Write your website for the user not for the algorithm. ‘Readability and usability still trump SEO’ [2]. In saying this make use of keywords, use them in the title, repeat keyword phrases throughout the page and consider using formatting techniques, bolding, italics, underlining to highlight key words. 



Publish up to date content !


  • If you want your Australian website to be ranked for ‘relevance’ you need to regularly update your content. A site with no activity tells Google that its information is out-dated and probably not desired by a searcher. So make regular updates as needed if you want to rank for the content you produce. 
  • Also produce location specific content, if you are selling to an Australian audience make them feel special. Tailor your language to your audience, this will also improve relevance. 


Linking, linking, linking 


  • In short, if another website cares enough about the content in your website to use it in their articles or publications, it shows Google that your work is useful to others. 
  • In this industry this is known as inbound linking. Other websites link back to your website. Increasing the quantity and quality of reputable inbound links to content on your website will improve your rank and position in a Google Search.

Improve the speed of your webpage. 


  • It is the simplest thing you can do to improve your chance of ranking in Google. ‘Site speed’ is an important ranking factor for Google, so if your website is slow, it takes Google longer to crawl, reducing your ranking. Not only this, a slow website provides a poor user experience. And at the end of the day if people don’t like using your site they are not likely to stay very long [3]. 






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