What are the most used social media platforms in Australia for 2019?

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1. What are the most used social media platforms in Australia?

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Facebook is Australia’s most popular Social Media platform in 2019 with 12 million Australian’s logging onto Facebook everyday (Jan 2019).

Based on statistics from civicwebmedia.com.au, 60% of Australia’s population are active on Facebook, that is the equivalent to 15 million people.




Below is the top 5 most used social media sites across the whole of Australia. 


Statistics recorded in December 2018/Jan 2019 found:


  1. Facebook – has 15,000,000 Active Australian users monthly with 60% of the population logging onto Facebook daily. 


  1. YouTube – has 15,000,000 active Australian users monthly 


  1. Instagram – has 9,000,000 Monthly Active Australian users who hold Instagram accounts. 


  1. WhatsApp – has 7,000,000 Active Australian users who have an account with WhatsApp. 


  1. Snapchat – has 6,400,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Snapchat data) have accounts on Snapchat. 



Many Australia’s also have multiple accounts and pages with each of these platforms. 

A large majority of Australians now have a personal and work account/page on these platforms. This isn’t taken into consideration within the data above as Australia’s quite often log into a work page through a communal management login.

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