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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is Australia's leading digital marketing company, and a celebrated Deloittes Fast 50 technology business. Our years of experience and loyal client base ensure search engine optimisation success for any company, in any industry.

We are one of the few SEO companies to offer a top ranking & traffic quality, guarantee. has been independantly recoginised as the best SEO provider in Australia! Happy Clients get results with April 2021 SEO performance

Number of clients achieving top rankings in Google Australia:

Top 1 567 new top 1's Top 3 1,135 new top 3's
Top 5 2,280 new top 5's Top 10 15,878 top 10's

Rank Results for clients in April 2021

The Approach — Your Pathway to SEO Success

Objectives & Situation Analysis

Our campaigns begin by assessing what your current Google presence is, and understanding what you would like it to be. Utilising technical diagnostics, we can analyse the structural quality of your website, and see whether it is already being shown by Google.

Your personal account manager will discuss your business objectives more widely, to learn how we can align our strategy to help you achieve your goals. We customise a solution that will deliver the most relevant traffic to your website, with the potential to increase your rankings exponentially.

How to Dominate front page of google

SEO Keyword Strategy ensure that the keywords you're ranking for, are the keywords that are going to bring relevant traffic to your website. Our strategy is more complex than simply getting you as many clicks as possible. We know what your customers are searching for, right now, and we want to bring those people to you! Our keywords are assigned to be linked to the most relevant landing page on your website, to ensure customers go directly to where they want to be.

Our SEO strategy differentiates branded and non-branded traffic, while also comparing month on month to year on year traffic.

Implementation & Reporting

Our state of the art reporting identifies not only increases in traffic, but also any decreases. Unlike other SEO companies, this puts us in the unique position to be able to anticipate new market opportunities and ensure your business is well placed to take advantage of these.

Our SEO reporting is user friendly, and easy for anyone to understand. Alongside a comprehensive report detailing where you can see the current rankings of any keyword we target, you will receive a monthly call from your account manager, who will discuss your progress. You will also have the ability to log in to Google Analytics at any time to see all of your data, and the consistent improvement in your rankings.

how roi reports their data

Professional Communications

Our experienced, in-house copywriting team will assist in developing your online brand, and ensuring that all of your messages are communicated clearly and effectively. Our content works to compliment your search engine optimisation technical work and help you rank on Google, without compromising on the quality of your message. Our copywriting makes an impact that keeps visitors on the site, and encourages them to enquire or buy.

Continuous Improvement

Our SEO work doesn't stop. There is always scope to improve and this is our philosophy at Once we have achieved top rankings for our clients, we then focus on accelerating rankings to the number 1 position, plus reaching new segments of your target market which are showing potential. An overview of our process is detailed below:

roi develops traffic growth
  • Step 1 — Strategy

    We develop a customised strategy that suits your business objectives, and begin the campaign.

  • Step 2 — Implementation

    We advise and implement strategic recommendations to your website.

  • Step 3 — Initial Review

    By the end of the first month, we are able to review your campaign progress, and make any necessary keyword modifications.

  • Step 4 — 50% Success

    During the traffic acceleration phase, we will meet our guarantee of ranking 50% of your keywords in the top 10 search results

  • Step 5 — 6 Month Review

    After 6 months of a successful campaign, we then assess continual growth, developing new goals to grow your business even further.

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These are just some of the clients we have helped reach #1 position on Google Australia for their selected keyword:

Blockbuster Blockbuster
'DVD Releases'
Fernwood Fernwood
'Fitness Centre'
Fabulous Fingerfood Fabulous Finger Food
'Gourmet Finger Food'
Centrebet CentreBet
'Betting Odds'

Customer Success

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