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Trackabout is a leading manufacturer and retailer of off road camper trailers. Their focus on a comprehensive service network means that customers deal directly with them, cutting out the need for a middle man and giving greater autonomy to their level of service nationwide.


TrackAbout came to ROI.COM.AU in 2013.
In 2015 we developed a custom website to:
• Grow organic traffic to a newly streamlined product range
• Allow users to easily choose & compare customisable trailer options
• Generate sales and leads at higher conversion rates
• Highlight brand personality through social media integration.


Our team was able to:
• Develop a custom ‘Build Your Trailer’ feature
• Create web forms to allow for easy customer enquiries
• Implement an SEO campaign for organic growth
• Integrate Facebook to grow their social influence
• Design a mega-menu for simplified navigation.

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