Expand your local customer base through Google Places

Millions of people search the internet every day, making visibility and control of your online presence a must. One out of every five of these searches is related to location, highlighting the need for local businesses to ensure their local online presence game is strong.

Increase Brand

Through images, brand logo’s, opening hours and product/service information, increase your brand’s online presence and exposure.

Feature on Google’s First

Ensure your website is displayed on the first page of Google for your key market segments and be rewarded with higher ranking search results.

More Relevant Local Customer
For Less

By utilising local search terms, Google Places and Google Plus optimisation will increase traffic to your page, and more importantly provide quality and relevant leads.

Create Valuable

Google places is the ideal platform to connect with potential and existing customers, providing an excellent medium to form positive networks.

Featured SEO Work.

Think Global, Buy Local

Research in Australia shows that people research globally, but buy locally.

As more and more consumers choose to shop local, there’s no doubt that ensuring your online local business presence is optimised, is key to business growth. By ensuring that your Google Places and Google plus pages are the best they can be, you’ll be ensuring that your business stands out in the local search arena. Google Places optimisation not only provides increased traffic, but more importantly, it provides relevant and quality leads.


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