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At ROI.COM.AU, we believe that if you give your users a positive experience, they will reward you with their trust and their business.

Seamless user experience design is essential for creating products and services that work well and make your customers happy — not to mention saving time, budgets, and patience. Companies with highly effective UX have increased their revenue by 37%. That is why we applied user-centric design method as beneficial step towards finding your key business solution.

User-centric design thinking

We powered our discovery session by building empathy for your users with talking, listening and experiencing on behalf of them. We believe every person is a unique individual with his/her own behavior, lifestyle, and needs.

We then compile and synthesize our findings into insights and reports that we can focus on towards designing the solutions. Through a few rounds of design experimentation and evaluation, we believe that our user-centric-design method can deliver an impactful result to your business.

Is your website giving your users a positive experience?

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A Persona is a representative model of a user type based on data from real users. Data must first be gathered from research, such as contextual user interviews and ethnography, and then synthesised into a profile. While a Persona is based on real people, it contains only the behaviours that will help design the product.


Wireframes are a bare bones representation of a product’s visual interface. They focus on functionality, content, and behaviours and therefore typically lack colour, graphics or text styling. The primary purpose of a wireframe is to communicate information architecture to stakeholders, designers, and developers and to encourage ideation.

Visual design

Visual design concerns with the choice of colours, the style of buttons, the animations and widgets in use, the spacing between elements, click/tap behaviour, and other elements that make it easy and attractive for users to interact with your website. The best visual designs inspire, engage and excite, and create a state of mind where users feel confident using your product.

How we analyse user experience


A system that mimics real-world by language, concepts, and logic

Control, freedom, and flexibility for users

Aesthetically relevant content and information

Error prevention with help and documentation

Recognition rather than recall – make elements visible to enable users’ decision-making

Consistency and alignment with standards and conventions


Is your website giving your users a positive experience?

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ROI has been great to work with the speed and expertise that the team (Jonathan, Luke, Ewan, Nadine & Brendan) have displayed in getting my website live in under a month has been amazing. The creative, content and imagery have been second to none and I am delighted with the finished product. I would highly recommend ROI to anyone wanting a new website or building a campaign.

Michelle J Payne

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